Happy Bye Bye Gee!!

Well spent Sunday with these ladies 🙂

From surprising Gee to attending the service. Preparing our ihaw parteeeeyyyyy!!! Eating and watching Suits!!!!!



Oh Gee!!! We hate to say goodbye but we’re so proud of you! Kudos to your new endeavor. Til we see you again. We will definitely miss you 🙂


Monday Night: GG Girls

God blessed me with relationships to keep for a lifetime. He made sure that I am not alone. Thank you Lord for such blessings ☺ I’ve met these girls in the office and we started having Monday night sharing since September last year. By that time, my supposedly resignation did not pushed through for some reasons. Honestly speaking I was really disappointed to myself and was totally down BUT the voice of God is clear and He gave me peace when I came to the point of giving up my own emotions. Days after that devastation (Ah ah! Kala mo naman devastating talaga. Sorry! Emotional lang po! :D) one of my office mates approached me and gave an idea of starting a this Monday group. We were only 5 by that time then eventually we invited more people. It was just sad because two girls had moved on to another work but I know for sure that they are in good hands as long as they are with God ☺

Now, I am so amazed of what God is doing to these girls ☺ I can’t wait for more.. I am excited to see their prayers being answered. I am always ready to cry with them if needed. Will always laugh with them.




Hebrews 10:25

Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Fire Drill


I am so proud my achievement today! We’ve conquered PBCom Tower – is an office skyscraper ranked officially as the tallest building in the Philippines since 2000. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PBCom_Tower). Our company occupies the 53 floor along with Huawei.

And for to day, first time ever.. We used the stairs to reached the ground floor. IT/HR team with Darnie made it! Fulfilling experience and once in a lifetime.




Yeah! We’re about to start!


Darwin, Elvin, Rex, She and Darnie


And finally! Victory for us!

God is faithful!


I love this word – it reminds me of different situations in my life. Like what I have been experiencing early this January, work has been toxic and to the point of wanting to leave. But God doesn’t want me to leave instead He wants me to stay and minister to the people around. I said to God, “Why do you want me here? They are not giving out the best in me and feel so limited here. I am stressed! I am tired! I did my best! This is enough!”

But He said..


He wants me to rely on His power to deliver me in all my task. I just realized that I have been  relying on my own strength and on my own ability that is very limited. I felt that they are not giving out the best in me but God said I will bring out my plans for you through what is happening right now. I will bring out My best in you and you will be the conduit of My power. True enough He has done wonders and miracles in my workplace actually in everything that I do. He provided people I need and all are in the right timing. I am so amazed! No words can explain how amazed and thankful I am.

His promise to me..

Then the Lord God will make Lara most prosperous in all the work of her hands and in the fruit of her womb, the young of her livestock and the crops of her land. The Lord will again delight in her and make her prosperous, just as he delighted in her ancestors, 10 if she obey the Lord her God and keep his commands and decrees that are written in this Book of the Law and turn to the Lord her God with all her heart and with all her soul.

Sorry I edited all the You pertain it as her meaning it’s ME 🙂

I claim it! He is FAITHFUL! 🙂

Farewell Ivy!

Ohh.. Yeah, I’m young professional already and I’m happy. Not sure if I was able to share about it. One of my first close friend in office decided to move forward in her career. In her last day we had our dinner to show some support.


Pose muna! 😀

We ate at Bonchon and had our dessert in Golden Spoon! First time to eat in Ayala Triangle 🙂


Calorie free yogurt! (Do you believe that?? hmmm)


Ivy, Rizell, Julie and Bea (Photographer: Lara)