Puerto Princesa 2014

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Ever since I am the most outgoing in our family,  well, that’s very true. I honestly can’t stay at home the whole day. During breaks or weekends I made sure that I’ll be meeting friends or going somewhere. And my best therapy for stress is go out and explore the nature. Just this Monday, my ever supportive boyfriend decided to join me on a trek. I am so blessed to have someone who can ride on this kind of adventure. :)And so.. We decided to visit Bukal Falls as known by people from Majayjay and Kilangin as known by people of Liliw. I did some research and found some bloggers who visited the place. Upon reading blogs I got so excited and would want fast track the days. Indeed, Bukal falls is a good destination.

We headed to Pagsanjan at 7AM and took a jeppney going to Sambat ng Majayjay. The jeepney driver was kind enough to help us get a tricycle to bring us to Brgy Bukal, Majayjay. The driver dropped us to the Baranggay Hall and people there were really nice. After we registered, one of theBrgy Tanod guided us all the way up to the falls.

I can say that it was an easy trail except for the masukal na daan.
It was muddy because of rains the other day..
This was the hardest part for me..
Kuya was kind enough to make us a baston so it won’t be too much difficult.
Oh yeah! And we’re approaching Bukal Falls 🙂 At this point, we can hear the roar of the water.
After a 45mins walk. Finally!!!

After reaching the falls, we still need to cross the river to see the bigger falls.

Yay! This is it!
Benj was excited to dip into the water but me OMG!! the water was cold so I decided to watch him nalang
It was all worth it. Go and visit Bukal Falls 🙂

It’s been a long time..

Hello WordPress!!! Yeah, I’m still alive! 😀 Sorry for not updating you for months. Been busy and had no time to write. Well, many things happened and will share to you our Baguio trip last July. 🙂

It was also Benj’s birthday celebration. 3 months before July we were already planning the said trip, bookings were made and itinerary were ready but certain things happened and we decided not to go. A night before Benj’s birthday the twist of plans came. We called all possible friends whose free the next day and viola! We’re going to Baguio!! 😀

Here are some of the pictures 😀


Saturday Lakwatsa (5/18/13)

I had this dream to visit museums and go to Manila Zoo. Yeah, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit Manila Zoo or any zoo since I was a kid and the only museum I visited was the GSIS Museum for our field trip way back in High School. That’s why I promised to myself I will be able to visit those places. True enough, I did it last May 18 🙂

First Stop: National Museum

Due to celebration of International Museum Day it was free admission. (Thank you Lord for the favor!)







I did enjoy going around and seeing artifacts of our ancestors. For more details about National Museum go to http://www.nationalmuseum.gov.ph

Second Stop: Metropolitan Museum


Sorry guys.. Taking pictures inside the MET Museum was not allowed. Anyway, the place was really nice and quiet. I enjoyed looking at the art works such as paintings, sculptures, some digital photography and videos. The best part for me was the GOLDS! Yes! Golds of our ancestors.

They’re open from Mondays – Fridays and even Saturdays. Visit their website for other information http://www.metmuseum.ph/

Third Stop: Manila Zoo

Yay! Super excited! It was awkward while waiting for my turn to buy a ticket coz I was the only one alone BUT I DON’T CARE! I’m EXCITED 😀

Birds 🙂
DSC00030 DSC00032 DSC00034 DSC00037


Reptiles 🙂

DSC00067 DSC00043 DSC00063 DSC00064

Mammals 🙂

DSC00050 DSC00051 DSC00052 DSC00053 DSC00059DSC00061

The hardest thing pala when you go out alone was that no one will take pictures of you 😛 but I really had fun.

Last Stop: Ayala Museum


Picture taking not allowed inside the museum. For more information visit http://www.ayalamuseum.org/

To conclude everything.. I was so blessed that day. Take note I had a free massage also courtesy of Slimmers World 🙂

Proverbs 16:9

The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

Yes, I did all the planning but it was the Lord who made this happen. He knew what was inside my heart and what were the things I’ve been longing. In His right and perfect time He made all of these possible. Thank You God 🙂


These past few weeks I have been thinking a lot. Well, some thoughts does not help a lot but I still see the beauty of it.

Soon.. I will be sharing my first Lakwatsa alone 🙂

  • Bucket List for this year
  • On leaving my comfort zone
  • My lifestyle change journey 🙂
  • How God has been faithful even I am not faithful
  • God as sovereign

Stay tuned and be inspired 🙂

Numbers 6: 24-26 (NIV)

24 ‘“The Lord bless you and keep you;25 the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;26 the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’

3 in 1 Celebration

Happy Birthday Ate Bham 🙂

Happy Anniversary Tito Rogelio and Tita Elen 🙂

Happy Birthday Noeme 🙂

Last March 17, Alfonso decided for this 3 in 1 Celebration held at Cecille’s Resort in Las Piñas.

I am so blessed to be part of their lives and to celebrate joy with them. They are not just persons in my life but an extended family in my heart.



Thanks Kuya Jobert for taking this picture. 🙂

Through thick and thin they stick together as family knowing that their foundation is someone who cannot be destroyed. They are truly servants of the Lord. Committed to their ministry, church and loved ones.


No words can describe how I value them and how I am thankful that God planned that very moment when I met them until this very day.


They saw me laugh, cry and even when sick. I just so love them.


My first mentor was part of this family 🙂


They are honest to me and taught me..


When you met them it won’t be hard to get along with them.


I never expected that will trust me that much. 🙂

DSC09623Thank you Benj 🙂 Thank you for sharing this joy in my life.


You were with me in carrying my hardships. You partnered with me in praying. I am so proud to have you as my best friend forever 🙂

I hope his and my family will meet soon 🙂 Very excited for that moment Father. I know that you will make it happen.