Happy Bye Bye Gee!!

Well spent Sunday with these ladies 🙂

From surprising Gee to attending the service. Preparing our ihaw parteeeeyyyyy!!! Eating and watching Suits!!!!!



Oh Gee!!! We hate to say goodbye but we’re so proud of you! Kudos to your new endeavor. Til we see you again. We will definitely miss you 🙂

Victory Weekend at Victory Makati 2014

Can you believe it? It’s already April, first quarter of the year comes to an end. It’s summer time!!! Well, lemme share with you what we did before the end of March. Well, we said goodbye to first quarter with a bang.

Last March 28-29, victory weekend was held at Makati Sports Club. This is an event hosted by our church for people who wants to experience the true freedom in Christ. The best event and experience that I will share to my next generation and even to people I will meet in the future. Because I had a great experience I also encourage others to attend this one. Two girls whose part of our victory group decided to be there and were expectant to hear from God.
Rolyn and Joyce were there to hear from God. They ask for Him and God did fail to show Himself to His people. They receive the true freedom God had promised to us when He sent His one and only Son to suffer on that cross. The redemption of sin, identity in Christ and the inheritance of His Kingdom. They have been baptize by the Holy Spirit and proclaimed their faith in water baptism. For sure, the heaven rejoices as one sinner repents come what more if there are many of them. Praise to the living God for allowing me to walk in this great journey together with these ladies.





John 8:36

 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.