Sad News :(

This is very sad news..


A 10 year old child accidentally killed his 7 year old playmate. Let’s pray for them. Kids today needs extra attention and explanation of things they see. Please do guide them and try to avoid them watching shows or movies who have violent scenes. Protect our future.


Finally! My Certificate of Candidacy.


This is it! After four years of hard work and fun of course graduation day is coming. This is for my parents who supports me all through out even sometimes they do not understand the reason of my decisions but still they never leave. To all my friends who have been part of my journey, they have been my family away from home. At all times they carry me and hold on to me. My peermates, classmates (BSIOP IV-1), boardmates (3rd floor Sotero), brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you very much! My life wasn’t complete without you guys! (Ang Korny ko! Haha)

To Ate Rye, Ate Joei, Ate Rose and Kuya Nono who had been my mentor regarding everything. Thank you for holding me with your prayers and always being there whenever I need anyone of you. I will always remember what you all taught me. 🙂

To you who stays beside me.. Thank you 🙂

To my Lord and Savior.. The best thing that happened in my college life is when I met You and You became my life. Everything I have and attain comes from You. All the glory is Yours 🙂

The Cross

This message is very timely, right now is the 4th day of Holy Week which people celebrate due to remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. But do we really know the true meaning of Jesus dying on the Cross?

1 John 1:7

… and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanse us from all sin.

The very reason Jesus came is to save us (John 3:17) and give us life to the full (John 3:15). Through accepting Him as your Lord and Savior you be able to experience the eternal life that He promised, you will be Son of God through Him. His blood that was shed from the Cross was the sacrifice for us to reach God the Father. He all redeem us from the world of sin and we are righteous through the eyes of God because of what His Son did. We cannot add anymore from the sufferings that Jesus made because when the time He said that “It is finished” (John 19:30) that means that He had done everything for us. Jesus loves you so much that He surrendered His life for you. I hope we will not just be reminded of this every Holy Week but everyday, every hour and every minute of your life.

And also, I wanna add.. He is alive! He rose again after 3 days, right? That’s why He’s not dead every Friday. 🙂


As we look at the Cross, let’s not just be reminded of death but also the Eternal life that Jesus brought through His sacrifice. 🙂

Enjoy your vacation 🙂