Please be aware of this!


Friday morning I am walking from Mayapis going to office as I usually do everyday. And this just same morning I saw someone giving papers and I got curious about it. I usually don’t mind people giving leaflets especially when I am going to work. But this time my was caught of this bond papers they were giving and when someone gave me one I immediately get it.

And in my shock, this is what I saw (the picture above). I started reading it, my heart started to have pity on this people believing on what is stated in the paper. I honestly felt sad and worried about them. But I was also inspired to write this so that other people may be aware.

This is NOT TRUE! We don’t need to print even thousands of this just to experience the blessing and miracle of God in our lives. This paper won’t save us. The only thing that can save us is our faith through our Lord JESUS who even died on the cross to redeem us from all our sin. He already said that “It is finished!”. It only means that we cannot do anything to pay for our sin because HE made it for us. He made everything possible through sacrificing and shedding His BLOOD on the CROSS. These accounts are seen in the New Testament. Let us all read God’s Word for us to direct on the right path and to know all God’s purpose in our lives.

Let’s claim all God’s promises in our lives! 🙂