Happy Birthday Tatay! :)


Just last Sunday, we celebrated my Father’s birthday. Simple yet meaningful for us because we’re almost complete as a family. Kuya Owen and his family made an effort to be there and also Kuya Omar which I really appreciate. Yeah, my Ate was not there but by heart she was with us.

More than the delicious foods that we ate it was the unity and love that binded us that day. Though it is so seldom that we express our feelings and love for each other but we make sure that we always stand whenever someone needed us.

I just want to honor my ever loving Tatay. I love you so much! You did your best to provide for us. Though they say that you are very strict I believe you do that because you care so much for us. Thank you for all the lessons that I’ve learned from you. Thank you for the never ending patience. I am sorry because many times I am hard headed.

Proverbs 6:20

My son, obey your father’s commands

Ephesians 6:1-2

Children, obey your parents because you belong to the Lord, for this is the right thing to do.  “Honor your father and mother.” This is the first of the Ten Commandments that ends with a promise.


Kids Summit 2013

Kids Summit 2013

This happened last Thursday to Saturday in Island Cove, Cavite City. The place was really nice but more than that it was the experience that really wow’s me. First day, we arrived early in the venue after getting the bag with our id, notebook and t shirt we enter the function room. We had the team building for the first day and I am proud to be part of the most prayerful team – Purple Team. After the Team building we had time to rest or dive into the pool and we opt to dive (yey! it was only for 30 minutes but so sulit!). At night Bishop Manny Carlos shared the word and his preaching struck a lot in my heart. God made me saw a vision during the worship which has been the answer to someone’s prayer. I am so glad that God used me to be an instrument to confirmed His plan for someone’s life.

Second day:

I went to the hall with an expectant heart – expectant that I will hear from God. That very moment that the praise and worship started there was peace in my heart and an overflow inside me. Then Pastor Steve Murell came up for the discussion then the rest his history during his session with us (other things are between me and God  muna if He told me to share it, I will in His perfect timing) That was a long day, another session in the afternoon then the Game night. As Victory Makati we decided to be one icon – Alice in Wonderland. I am so blessed by the team effort, the unity and success.

Third and Last day:

Pastor Nixon is the best!!!!!!!!! (I didn’t get his surname but he is the Senior Pastor of Victory Malate) He discussed the different personality types on a different level! Whoa!

The best experience! Thank you Lord for these volunteers and even the full time staff. Continue to fan the flame in their hearts to serve You through bringing the Kids to Jesus. Come on! There will be more to come this year.

Thank you to all the organizer that were working hard for the Summit to happen. Thank you Pastor Mark Tusoy, I am so blessed by his leadership in Kids Ministry. Of course, thank you to Victory Makati – Kids Church: Pastor King Reyes, Ate Cathy, Ate Nich, Ate Armi, Ate Ken, Ate Louise, Mommy Glo, Tita Vicky, Ate Jaimie, Kuya Icko, Jasser, Rocky, Jemma, Gladys, Dan, Yaz, Belle, Kuya Efren.

Feb Update!

For two weeks a lot of things happen and I will share that in details soon but to give you some glimpse..

1. My one week medical leave

2. My struggle which was won by Christ

3. The new journey that He wants me to start

4. Kids Teachers Summit 2013: Game Changer

Can’t wait to share all of these in details coz I know the best way to share God is through a life testimony.

Thank you! :)

Today.. I will honor someone who surprised me yesterday.

Someone gave this top to me. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to buy this but I don’t have the budget to do so.


I know God used him to buy this for me 🙂


I am so in awe.. God knows what is the desires of our heart and He will be willing to give that to us. Thank you so much 🙂