Ephesians 5:25


I am a very keen observer, I always look at even the smallest detail of something especially about attitudes of the people I encounter. When I had my internship since last year, I need to travel from Sta Mesa to Ortigas through riding a bus. Most of the time some have to stand up because there are no more sits for them. And I had observe that few men will stand up and gave up their sit for a woman who’s standing and was being bump by different people stepping into the bus. And another one is at the LTR station which some men pretend to be sleeping or not noticing a woman standing near them. Why are they like that? Why they can’t give up a seat for a woman? But I’m not telling that all men do this and I am not anti-men. There is just a thought that I wanted to share because most men forget what are their responsibilities and I don’t want my fellow women ended marrying a man who cannot stand for them.

Women! Always remember that we are precious, men are the one’s to protect us. They are the one’s who should be leading and we are should be submitting to them. Let’s not be fooled by sweet words and tender care nor their looks but we should look for MEN of GOD! Men that will knelt down to worship our creator. Men that will ask our hand to the Ultimate Father in Heaven. Men whose first love is our Lord Jesus.

Ephesians 5:25

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.. 🙂


The greatest appreciation :)

“I’m proud of you”

“I love you”

“You’ve done great”


These are some words that we love to hear from the people who are close to our heart. We do our best for them to say those magic words to us and if they did we always have the biggest smile in our lips. These are important to us especially to people whose language of love is through affection and words, and “I” are of one of them. But what if we don’t hear this magic words? What if we think that we have done our best but wasn’t appreciated by the people around us? This hurts a lot and worst this will be discouraging but one thing I learned from my own experience of not hearing this words, WE ARE NOT ON EARTH TO PLEASE HUMAN! Am I right if I say that it is more fulfilling to know that your Creator appreciates you? Isn’t it more encouraging that the greatest Father ever tells you that you did great when you did not sin and obey Him? Isn’t it flattering to feel and know how much God loves you that He gave His only Son for you to have eternal life and for us to be reunited with Him? Sometimes we locked ourselves to the people around us. We always stay in our comfort zone but this won’t work. You will encounter Him more as you start leaving your comfort zone then follow Him.


Meet my inspiration and the one who give me the best appreciation..



My Mom’s view of boyfriend :)

Since our maid named Tina have her boyfriend my mom always tell me that Tina will get married soon. Most of the time I laugh about how she concludes that our maid and her boyfriend end up marrying each other. And I always tell that she cannot predict nor tell it right away because they are just starting their relationship. But when I think about it deeply, I realized that she have a point in telling that to me. How can I say that?

Why do you enter a relationship?

What does a boyfriend/girlfriend really means to us? There are some who enters relationship just to have companion or get extra attention from a special someone, this is a good feeling, right? But does everything falls here? Of course not! You need WISDOM to enter a relationship. Having a boyfriend means you’re ready to get married and you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with that person unless the relationship will just be nothing.

Women! It is a great feeling when a man plans for your future and prepare himself. Don’t be fooled by your emotions. Let the Lord write your love story. 🙂