Happy Bye Bye Gee!!

Well spent Sunday with these ladies 🙂

From surprising Gee to attending the service. Preparing our ihaw parteeeeyyyyy!!! Eating and watching Suits!!!!!



Oh Gee!!! We hate to say goodbye but we’re so proud of you! Kudos to your new endeavor. Til we see you again. We will definitely miss you 🙂

Victory Weekend at Victory Makati 2014

Can you believe it? It’s already April, first quarter of the year comes to an end. It’s summer time!!! Well, lemme share with you what we did before the end of March. Well, we said goodbye to first quarter with a bang.

Last March 28-29, victory weekend was held at Makati Sports Club. This is an event hosted by our church for people who wants to experience the true freedom in Christ. The best event and experience that I will share to my next generation and even to people I will meet in the future. Because I had a great experience I also encourage others to attend this one. Two girls whose part of our victory group decided to be there and were expectant to hear from God.
Rolyn and Joyce were there to hear from God. They ask for Him and God did fail to show Himself to His people. They receive the true freedom God had promised to us when He sent His one and only Son to suffer on that cross. The redemption of sin, identity in Christ and the inheritance of His Kingdom. They have been baptize by the Holy Spirit and proclaimed their faith in water baptism. For sure, the heaven rejoices as one sinner repents come what more if there are many of them. Praise to the living God for allowing me to walk in this great journey together with these ladies.





John 8:36

 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.



Happy BORNday to ME! :)

Today is very special, it is my 4th spiritual birthday. This day is the second most important day for me:) It’s been 4 years since I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and announce to the world by water baptism that I am a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Lemme say that I never regret my decision to follow Him all my life. For 4 years, it there had been ups and downs BUT He never leave nor forsake me. Until now, His work is not yet done in my life.

Let me thank people who stand by me and who were used by God for me to reach this moment.

Ate Rye, Kuya Nono, Ate Joei. Until now I look to them as my mentor and to their lives. They showed me how to follow and worship God. Though I haven’t seen them for a while I kept their words hidden in my heart. Forever grateful to this people 🙂

Ate Hanna, Ate Gem. First people who let me who God is. Thank you for being an awesome example to me. Both of you are being used by God mightily. Hope to see you soon girls. 🙂

Kieven, Marbs, Mica, Lauds. Should I forget? Of course not, sila ang mga una kong kasama sa Victory QC. At ang kasama ko sa small group. They see me start walking in God’s path.

Kuya Andy and EJ. Ushermates!!! My first ministry in church. I miss them and hope to catch up.

Joy, Ecka. Can you still remember where we do our small group? Our super small group then eventually iniwan tayo ni Ecka, diba Joy? Haha. But I’m so happy where is Ecka in her relationship with God. I have been always proud of you girls. I know that God will be using you both for greater purpose in expanding His kingdom.

B 🙂 Thank you for trusting me and opening your heart to me. You have this eager heart to know more and to get closer to God. He will bring you to places that will bring glory to His name. Wag naman once a year lang tayo mag-catch up. Hehe.

Cindy. Never natin inexpect that we will be this close. Haha. God brought us together. Friendship that is anchored in God’s guidance. Forever I’ll stand by your side 🙂

Lea, Mores. Oh yeah!!! Hahaha. Nakilala ko kayo dahil kay Cindy and since then you let me know you guys more. Thank you! 😀

Chai and Joy. I will never forget you babies 😀 Grabe! You’ve seen worst of me pero love na love nyo parin ako. Haha. Grabe!  Minsan mas matanda pa kayo saken pero mas madalas na ako talaga. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much 🙂 Thank you for trusting me.

Ate Rose. Thank you for mentoring me to be a good leader and encouraging me. Thank you for believing in me. 🙂

Ate Nic. Thank you for challenging me to be excellent in everything that I do for Christ. I super duper adore your commitment in His ministry for the kids. Thank you for leading me. 😀

Gladys, Jemma, Crisha, Napz, Joyce, Zion. I am so blessed to know you guys and part of your lives. Haha. Lagi nyo sinasakyan ang mga kalokohan at kabaliwan ko. Super thankful ako that I have friends that will last for a life time. Super looking forward for more moments with you guys.

Ate Cathy, Jaime, Mommy Glo, Ate Rona, Mama Beth. Oh yeahhh!!! Thank you for listening to all my sentiments and believing that God will use me for His greater purpose. Thank you for all the impartations.

Tita Elen and Tito Rogelio. Thank you for laying hands on me and you stand beside me believing for healing 🙂 Thank you for accepting as almost part of the family. I am forever grateful to your goodness to me.

Ate Bham, Noeme, Alan, Kuya Jobert, Kuya Ute, Dave. Ehhhh mahal na mahal ko kayo. Super duper! Alam na! 😀

Riri, Bea, Rolyn, Joyce, MJ, Julie, Russ and Elaine. I am blessed to be part of your lives. Blessed to help you in this journey. Thank you for you never judge me though you know my iniquities. I’m so excited for what God is in store for us. Many more Monday night and Tuesday gimik! 🙂

Benjamin. How can I forget the person who first invited me to church? Hehe. You have a different approach in everything and through that approach I started asking questions and seeing God in your life. Thank you for remembering this day for the past 4 years. Hihi. Thank you for celebrating life with me. I am believing that greater things are yet to come in your life.

To my Savior, my Lord, my redeemer, provider, strong tower, strength, security, the person who first love me. 🙂 I cannot wait to see you face to face. In your presence my life is awesome and wonderful. I live by your grace. You are enough in my life. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for believing in me. Lahat man ng bagay o tao sa mundo ay mawala, alam kong ikaw never mo ko iiwan at never mababawasan ang pagmamahal mo saken. Salamat kase you don’t look at me the way people see me, you look beyond. I am so excited for your promises to be fulfilled. In your love I am free. :))))

Ephesians 2:4-5

New International Version (NIV)

4 But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,5 made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.

Pursuit of Holiness

What does Holy means? According to merriam webster Holy is defined as exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect goodness and righteousness. Growing up we all have different views and beliefs about Holiness. Personally being raised in a conservative environment this one is being valued so much but I never heard any from the family discussed this topic because we all know that this is a sensitive one. Let me share things that I know about Holiness and how I understand it. I hope in this blog post I can impart to you what is the my conviction to pursuit holiness.

“Be holy, because I am holy.”

1 Peter 1:16

Everyone of us is called to be holy. Holiness is something we can never earn, we inherited holiness and righteousness through Jesus Christ. We all fall short to the glory of God and that means we cannot nor can earn goodness even in our works. Being Holy is consecrating yourselves to God (Leviticus 11:14a) – this is just not include physical holiness but also your emotions and how you think.

I am not sharing this to brag that I am holy nor reached the holiness of God but this is a testimony of how His grace transform us. I stumble in this area, there were times and moments that I felt so dirty and not worthy of God’s love anymore. I run away from God’s presence because I am guilty of sin. I tried pursuing holiness on my own and driven by my own desires instead of turning to God and repent of my sins. In this moments, God still embraced me and showed me how His love works. His grace is overflowing and cannot be measured. The time that I accepted His grace it works in my life and started transforming me.

When you love God you pursue His holiness

God changed my perspective about Holiness and He is now directing me to His Holiness. My life is a work in progress and it’s very that this journey will be painful because He will remove anchors in my life that are not helpful in this pursuit of Holiness. I hope that all of us will pursue God personally. Having Him and knowing that you have personal relationship with God is the best thing that happen in your life. He is more than enough in our lives.

The question is, are you ready to pursuit God’s Holiness?

Hebrews 12:14

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.


Yes! Finally I will open up and share about my weight journey. Ever since I was a child I am more than my ideal weight. Growing up like that have ups and downs. My parents told me that I was cute but my brothers and sisters will say that I am chubby. More than that some relatives and classmates will tease me. Sometimes I get affected but I always shrugged it off. Until highschool, I am still more than my ideal weight though not up to the point of being obese. On my second year, I tried to go to a fitness gym then loose some pounds but eventually gave it up and almost back to my being chubby on my 4th year.


I am the one on the left ☺

I didn’t mind if people will tease me but I will not lie that my feelings were hurt whenever they call me “taba” or “baboy” or “biik”. In those moments, feeling ko nga positive na yung Chubby rather than Baboy. Haha. But those didn’t motivate me to loose weight until I was in college. Depression and somehow insecurities arise when I enter college. This time mas matindi na the asaran and being compared were always happening. And someone told me na never na daw ako papayat those words struck me so hard! I tried loads of diet meaning starving myself. Haha. This time naging sakitin narin ako lalo and my lungs and heart got weak.

Here are some of my pictures,


Year 2010


Year 2010


Year 2011


Year 2011


Year 2012

My weight from these pictures range from 52-56kg.. After college I worked as an IT Recruiter (still connected with the same company ☺) first months were the worst month of my weight. It shoot up! I almost weighed 65kg.


December 2012

It didn’t matter that much to me, I always say that I am secured and what’s important is the beauty inside. Well, this is 100% true BUT my health suffered. Had problems with my joints and back. And of course this isn’t good for my asthma. My turning point came in on September 2013, if I want to honor the Lord I should also honor Him in my health and also I am accountable what’s happening in my body. I have been praying for complete healing but I am not disciplined enough. From there I started to change my lifestyle ☺ Changing my eating habits, getting more active. Since then I started loosing some pounds from 143.3 lbs now I weigh 129 lbs ☺

This isn’t an easy thing.. I needed self discipline, motivation and support. Of course I stumble dapat nga 125lbs nalang ako kaso napabayaan ko rin but I made sure to get back on track. Praise God for people who reminded me why I am doing this in times that I wanted to give, people reminding me in times that I am forgetting what’s my goal and people who appreciate it. There’s still 29 lbs to loose. Yay!!! I won’t take any shortcut. Hard work kung hard work ☺


Monday Night: GG Girls

God blessed me with relationships to keep for a lifetime. He made sure that I am not alone. Thank you Lord for such blessings ☺ I’ve met these girls in the office and we started having Monday night sharing since September last year. By that time, my supposedly resignation did not pushed through for some reasons. Honestly speaking I was really disappointed to myself and was totally down BUT the voice of God is clear and He gave me peace when I came to the point of giving up my own emotions. Days after that devastation (Ah ah! Kala mo naman devastating talaga. Sorry! Emotional lang po! :D) one of my office mates approached me and gave an idea of starting a this Monday group. We were only 5 by that time then eventually we invited more people. It was just sad because two girls had moved on to another work but I know for sure that they are in good hands as long as they are with God ☺

Now, I am so amazed of what God is doing to these girls ☺ I can’t wait for more.. I am excited to see their prayers being answered. I am always ready to cry with them if needed. Will always laugh with them.




Hebrews 10:25

Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.