Ever since I am the most outgoing in our family,  well, that’s very true. I honestly can’t stay at home the whole day. During breaks or weekends I made sure that I’ll be meeting friends or going somewhere. And my best therapy for stress is go out and explore the nature. Just this Monday, my ever supportive boyfriend decided to join me on a trek. I am so blessed to have someone who can ride on this kind of adventure. :)And so.. We decided to visit Bukal Falls as known by people from Majayjay and Kilangin as known by people of Liliw. I did some research and found some bloggers who visited the place. Upon reading blogs I got so excited and would want fast track the days. Indeed, Bukal falls is a good destination.

We headed to Pagsanjan at 7AM and took a jeppney going to Sambat ng Majayjay. The jeepney driver was kind enough to help us get a tricycle to bring us to Brgy Bukal, Majayjay. The driver dropped us to the Baranggay Hall and people there were really nice. After we registered, one of theBrgy Tanod guided us all the way up to the falls.

I can say that it was an easy trail except for the masukal na daan.
It was muddy because of rains the other day..
This was the hardest part for me..
Kuya was kind enough to make us a baston so it won’t be too much difficult.
Oh yeah! And we’re approaching Bukal Falls 🙂 At this point, we can hear the roar of the water.
After a 45mins walk. Finally!!!

After reaching the falls, we still need to cross the river to see the bigger falls.

Yay! This is it!
Benj was excited to dip into the water but me OMG!! the water was cold so I decided to watch him nalang
It was all worth it. Go and visit Bukal Falls 🙂

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