Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! March 7, 2010 was the date that I was Born Again that’s why yesterday was very special to me. Few people know about this and can remember to be honest I almost forgot about it until Benj greeted me. A sudden flashback in my mind – when I started, how I started and people around me in this walk of faith. Let me share to you some memories that I’ve treasured so much since then.


Random pictures with my first ever VGmates 🙂 My leader Ate Rye, Kuya Nono and I was transitioned to Ate Joei. My mates were Brenda, Kieven, Mica and Marvs. I came to know Christ in Victory Quezon City. It was not an accident that I was attending the Sunday service, met people to be my leaders, started 121, Victory Weekend and Training for Victory. Thank you guys! I will always remember the wisdom you imparted in my life.


First ever event I attended as part of the Every Nation Church. This was AWESOME, AMAZING and INCOMPARABLE experience. The people who shared their stories from different part of this world made me so pumped up and made me realize how blessed our country was because we’re open to Christianity.


Then God called me to transfer in Ubelt where I was able to serve my co-students in PUP. Invited friends to youth services, brought students to God, more 121 and my own Victory Group which God has entrusted me.



Ladies close to my heart.. I am so proud of where they are right now and how they grew in their relationship with God.



And now, I am in Victory Makati.. I am working as a Researcher along Ayala Ave. and surely not an accident why I am here. My Kids Teachers Family, my Victory Groupmates, the people I’ve met and will still meet.


PicMonkey Collage

And the people who celebrated with me 🙂 Thank you girls. I know it was not planned but you still stayed 🙂

Most of all, Thank You to my Lord and Savior. The reason why I am here and center of everything in my life. Jesus without you I am nothing. I love you Jesus.

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