Last Friday we travel going to Laguna..


Saturday morning we woke up early to jog. After that we visited a place that was very familiar to people who watch this everyday.


Benj, Xyrs and Rumin



Xyrs watches that show everyday (nahawa from his Lola and his Yaya before). He told me that morning, “Hay Ya!” meaning let’s go to Maya’s house.

That same day we headed to attend a wedding -Niña’s weeding. She’s very closed to my heart that’s why I didn’t missed that special day for her.


Chat muna with her 🙂

Teary eyed while she walks on the aisle.


During the wedding, I spoke to God saying “Lord, nauna pa sya saken. Anu magiging itsura ng wedding ko?” And you know what, God immediately answered saying “It will be perfect, honoring to Me and on My right timing.

Thank you Lord for the assurance. I will wait for Your right timing 🙂

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