Start the year right! :D


It’s my third year to join the annual prayer and fasting. We do this to hear from God what He wants for us this year and also to consecrate ourselves to Him. Every year different experiences and revelations – this only means that God is really UNLIMITED.

Year 2011 (Victory QC). Well,this was my first year to join, fasting was very new to me. The first  time I fasted was for the Victory weekend which was for 2 or 3 days. But this was 7 days! 😀 I called that as 7 days of God’s grace.

Year 2012 (Victory U-Belt). Second time! Was not prepared and not much excited but as we went through the 7 days God made me more excited.

And this Year 2013 at Victory Makati. I don’t know if you notice but I had been joining different branches of Victory since 2011. To be honest I’ve praying to God where should I stay and I know for sure it’s in MAKATI – whether it’s full time or as volunteer. I am thankful to the people who mentored me, Kuya Nono, Ate Rye, Ate Joei, Ate Rose, Kuya Andy and the rest of the people I’ve met in QC and UBelt. 🙂

This year God promised to open doors to one thing that I have been crying out to Him for a long time. 🙂 I am excited and expectant that He will make it happen.

Kudos! 😀

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