A blog this aftenoon.. A must read!

Yeah, I’m at work.. Sometimes when things are tight in office I open few different sites just to give myself some break. One of my must read blogs everyday is from a Church Planter, a high respected person, a good preacher (I heard and seen him! One of the best!) and a true man of God no other than Pastor Dennis Sy (He is in a coffee mate commercial with her beautiful wife). I admire people who use social media to inspire and encourage people through their stories of own life experiences. People who are not ashamed to share their flaws in life for others to learn and not to repeat it.

Well.. This is the link of Ptr Dennis blog.. http://www.actlikeaman.org/space/


It talks about space.. I wonder why God let me read this today, hmmm?? The past few days I have been so possessive with my love ones not just my boyfriend but with friends, parents and relatives. Most of the time I dictate what should they do and the time that they should spent with me. Until then I realized that it is not about ME.. It is all about Him. I don’t have any rights to dictate people and force them to always stay beside me because they need SPACE. They need time not just for themselves but to contemplate with God. Maybe this is also one thing that I need to do. To have some space with all things that I am busy with and spend this time all alone with my Father.

Hope we will never forget that above all we should make time to our Father in Heaven. In moments of silence you will hear His voice clearly.

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