Bombshell of Talents 2012

Last Friday, I went to my beloved Alma Mater.. Polytechnic University of the Philippines. It’s always good to visit where you came from and where you learned a lot of things. By that time our department have this annual event called Bombshell. In this event, students are encouraged to bring out their talents, creativity and unity. Well, not to mention our section was actually a hall famer way back our 1st  and 2nd year. On our 3rd year we were not allowed to join the competition proper..

Presenting our the judges of that night.. A professor and two of the former hall famers..


(Prof. Rolando, Benj and Lauds)

Presenting the new Champion..


BSCP 4 – 2


This is the best!!! Maci got wet and wild..

But wait.. Of course let’s give some lime light to the former Champions and made marked on this competition.



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