Welcome to our new roommate!

This is what we do when we’re together..


Vanity comes in when we’re inside our room doing nothing. (Hahahaha!)  We usually went late and most of the time what we wanted to do is lay down on our bed and indulge ourselves to sleeping. But last night we did something different (I don’t think so! Hahaha. We usually took pictures  naman :p). Maybe this is our welcome party to our new friend joining us in our small place (what Thirdy calls as bodega. Of course it is not a bodega! It is our HOME! :D). I am looking forward to have more memories and pictures with my housemates. Also, we will always be with each other when things are frustrating in our work. Of course we’ll remind each other of how faithful our Father in Heaven is. 🙂

Live. Love. Laugh.

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