Happy Birthday Lauds!

Sorry this is super late. I actually forgot to blog about this but since I visited bunch of pictures in my computer I was reminded to share about what happen last August of this year.

We went to Gerry’s grill SM North to attend a simple celebration of our Very Funny, TALL, DARK and HANDSOME friend – ALVIN LAUDE aka Lauds.


He was surprised by some staffs of Gerry’s grill by singing the well known Happy Birthday song. This is fun!


A cake for the Birthday Boy!


Some friends who came in (Nikko, Orange, Kieven, Clifford and Daisy)


Lauds relatives 🙂


And our souvenir. We all had the chance to choose the design but of course I LIKE BUTTERFLIES! 🙂

After dinner, we went out for some road trip and decided to hang out in eastwood. Apparently we end up eating to our favorite fast food chain – MCDO!!!!!Image

At Eastwood 🙂

Enjoy reading 🙂

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