Satan’s Limitations

It is explained in the Bible that the devil is a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. There a different ways how the enemy works but there are also limitations on what it can do. Still God is the most powerful as describe He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He is the only on who have all this characteristics. And most of all He is faithful in all the works He is doing in our lives.

According to the scripture this is what we have to do when the enemy is around and ready to attack,

1Peter 5 8:11

  • Be alert and of sober mind (1Peter 5:8)

Always be alert in what the enemy can do. In different accounts in the Bible there are ways and stories on how the enemy works and also how can us resist it. Make sure to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit always so that He can remind you of the promises of God in your lives. The Spirit will protect your heart and mind from the enemy. Don’t let your heart be penetrated or influence by the devil.

  • Resist him, standing firm in the faith (1Peter 5:9)

All Christians in different part of this world experience everything that we are experiencing not because they are different race they can’t be attack by enemy nor struggle. We all are one in God’s family and we are the target of the evil. They are also persecuted as we are that’s why we need to resist the enemy; we need perseverance and stand firm in faith. We can only resist them when we have the faith in Jesus Christ who defeated Satan and was raised from the dead. Also our faith on all God’s promises in us.

  • We have a God of all grace (1Peter 5:10)

Most important is that we are always reminded that we have God that is merciful, faithful and will finish the work that He started in us. He called us to be His servant and calls us His children that is why He restore us and make us strong. We may suffer as of this moment and feel pain but He is in control of everything and have promise us eternal life. No tears, no pain, no heartaches only JOY when we are with Him in heaven. Let’s not forget that after this long run in this world we have to keep the faith in Him and wait until He came back.

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