Hanging Habagat!

Today is August 8, 2012. Second day of not going out and not even seeing the sunshine. Looking outside the window it is still flooded and water did not subside. The house that we are staying on right now has been also entered by water from outside. Our comfort room is not amendable to use, there are overflow of water from and cockroach around it. At start we are in panic because we did not know what to do. The owner of the house is not here so we better do something because we are in charge here. We started to calm down and think what should be done. Me and my roommate started to bring things up in our room, the TV, electric fan, stocks of food, water and other important things that we need.

A lot of things are coming in our minds, thinking of our work and also our families in the provinces. Pressure is coming in our mind and also fear starting to arise because this is the first time that we will experience situations like this. When we are hearing rains dropping in the roof of our house, we start to wander if this will still stop and what will happen if it still rain hard. But what I was reminded of is my Bible, the Word of God who gives comfort and security in our hearts. The voice of God through the Holy Spirit. As long as the Holy Spirit  is with us no one can harm us and no fear should be in our hearts.


Let us continue to pray and be in faith to our great GOD who is our creator and King over everything.


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