The greatest appreciation :)

“I’m proud of you”

“I love you”

“You’ve done great”


These are some words that we love to hear from the people who are close to our heart. We do our best for them to say those magic words to us and if they did we always have the biggest smile in our lips. These are important to us especially to people whose language of love is through affection and words, and “I” are of one of them. But what if we don’t hear this magic words? What if we think that we have done our best but wasn’t appreciated by the people around us? This hurts a lot and worst this will be discouraging but one thing I learned from my own experience of not hearing this words, WE ARE NOT ON EARTH TO PLEASE HUMAN! Am I right if I say that it is more fulfilling to know that your Creator appreciates you? Isn’t it more encouraging that the greatest Father ever tells you that you did great when you did not sin and obey Him? Isn’t it flattering to feel and know how much God loves you that He gave His only Son for you to have eternal life and for us to be reunited with Him? Sometimes we locked ourselves to the people around us. We always stay in our comfort zone but this won’t work. You will encounter Him more as you start leaving your comfort zone then follow Him.


Meet my inspiration and the one who give me the best appreciation..



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