My Mom’s view of boyfriend :)

Since our maid named Tina have her boyfriend my mom always tell me that Tina will get married soon. Most of the time I laugh about how she concludes that our maid and her boyfriend end up marrying each other. And I always tell that she cannot predict nor tell it right away because they are just starting their relationship. But when I think about it deeply, I realized that she have a point in telling that to me. How can I say that?

Why do you enter a relationship?

What does a boyfriend/girlfriend really means to us? There are some who enters relationship just to have companion or get extra attention from a special someone, this is a good feeling, right? But does everything falls here? Of course not! You need WISDOM to enter a relationship. Having a boyfriend means you’re ready to get married and you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with that person unless the relationship will just be nothing.

Women! It is a great feeling when a man plans for your future and prepare himself. Don’t be fooled by your emotions. Let the Lord write your love story. 🙂

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